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  1. The performance was very funny , my favourite part was when the little munchkin danced . The lion , tin man , scarecrow and Doraphie were on a adventure to get off Doraphie’s Magic slippers . On there adventure they encounter a wicked witch of the north ( and she’s not very nice) . Doraphie has to try to kill the wicked witch so they can get there broom stick , it’s the only thing that can make her go home …

  2. The play was funny like the munchinkin keeped talking while the fairy was talking to Doraqhie and the lion,tin man,scare crow and Doraqhie were trying to get a heart,home,brain,bravery.

  3. the performance was really funny, at the start a man started singing work. Then a witch appeared – she wanted some read shoes. At the end they all got what they wanted.

  4. THE preformance was verry funny and I really ejoyed it. The characters were Dorithey,Lion,Scearcrow,Tinman,The witch and toodle

  5. I enjoyed watching this. The main characters were Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion. The performance was about Dorothy dreaming she was taken away to a place far away and she wanted to go home to her family. The only way she could get home was by going to Emerald city to see the wizard of Oz.

  6. Dourthie and her dog did didn’t like their family so they wanted to go some where far away so nobody could find them then a storm came and took them far away and then the house crashed on top of the wiked whizzed of oz sister so she wanted reveng by taking dourthies glass slippers she tried to tack them of but she couldn’t because they were betected so Dourthies went to the powerful wiped of oz and meat 3 friends on the way scearcrow meatle man and the lion so they joined her and when the to him but they had to do some thing to come in it was to get the great broom of the wicked which of oz so they got it and killed the wiked wich of oz and gave the broom to the wized of oz and now dourthie and her dog are safe so they went home and kept the slippers

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