Who will win the Euro 2016 final?

Who will win the Euro 2016 final?

We have reached the final- France vs Portugal.

Who do you think will win? Why?

Find out the statistics for each team so far. How many matches have they won? How many goals have they scores? Who has scored the most? How many minutes has each team played for so far?

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  1. I was discussing this with Connor Gunn this week and we both think France but only because I think they were the favourites to win . Who is their best player ?

  2. I think Portagual will win beacause they have the best player in the world(Christiano Ronaldo).If the ather team are in the lead they will never give up and come back in the game.All the the players are good in all the positins and they are all participaters and team workers.

  3. France lost the cup but they tried there best to win. And we loose we try our best is well the most important thing to do is work as a team.

  4. I acctually though France would win! Portugal had a good game and great players but I though France had a chance.

  5. I thought France with win but Portugal won. Portugal had really good players but France had a chance to win. It was a good game between Portugal and France.

  6. I think that Portugal will win because one they have one of the best players (Christian Ronaldo).
    I also think that France will win because they have good players to.

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