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Parliament Assembly

Parliament Assembly

Today we were really lucky that Dianne came to visit us from the Houses of Parliament Outreach Service. We had a whole school assembly where we learnt about what Parliament is, where it is and how it works. We even crowned our own Queen Scarlett for the assembly!

We learnt that there are Lords in Parliament and Vlad was our Lord for the Day!

Armarnie was in charge of the money and Kiana was our Prime Minister!

We debated the time school should start but ¬†we had to have our new ‘Bill’ Christian- Lee take this between our House of Commons and House of Lords before we voted!

What did you learn about Parliament today? Why is it? How old is it?

Who is our Local MP?100_1385 100_1386 100_1387 100_1388 100_1389 100_1390 100_1391 100_1392 100_1393 100_1394 100_1395 100_1396