Congratulations to our new ambassadors!

Congratulations to our new ambassadors!

Well done to all of the candidates and especially well done to those who were chosen as our new ambassadors today: Christian-Lee and Tia!

The whole school took part in a vote today and these are the two that were chosen. What do you think they need to do in order to be a great ambassador?

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    • Thank you Scarlet. I will be a self manager and will be ready for all the challenges I will have to face. I will be resilient and be responsible. Lastly I will be a good team worker and work closely with Tia. I will do my best to represent our school.

  1. congratulations chritstian lee and tia to be a ambassor you need be a team worker and a risk taker,listen to people.

  2. Christian-lee and Tia should be team workers cause they have to work together to be good ambassador. They also have to be a great self maneger because they have to be good to be a pupil ambassador.

  3. Christian-lee is going to be a great ambassador because he is going to be the best team worker he can ever be. Tia is also going to be a great ambassador because she is a inderpendent learner and a team worker just like Christian. They both are good as weel as being a great risk taker.

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