Athens and Sparta

Athens and Sparta

Today we have been using vocabulary to describe Athenians and Spartans to help us write a character description for our narrative.

Can you tell me some of the vocabulary you were using today and describe one of these characters?

What is the difference between an Athenian and a Spartan?

athenians spartans

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  1. Athens and Sparta were the two most famous and powerful city states in ancient Greece but were very different. Athens government ruled as a democracy. They were the first to ever do this. Sparta’s government ruled as an oligarchy by 2 kings.

  2. Girls were not regarded as important by the Athenians they were not allowed to take part in anything to do with war, business or education.

  3. Athens and Sparta had very different ways of living their lives. Athens wanted to control as much land as possible and this led to war between Greek lands. Sparta although more powerful kept itself to itself unless their army was needed.

  4. Athenians were very clever, they wore smart, clean, white robes.
    Spartans were dressed in armour and they had no mercy.

  5. Athens were the richest people and they have a beautiful and busy city,spartar people at the age of 7 they were ready for war and they wore armer and they were not the richest porple like the Anthens.

  6. Athens was the largest city in Greece ; they lived between many mountains.Sparta ,who were strong, defeated many city’s in Greece.

  7. Spartans had to learn how to survive at age 12.They also hunted down their slaves to prove their own worthiness.

  8. Athenians are posh and fancy and has clean houses but spartans are dirty and not rich. Spartans hunt fore food and only wears a little bit of cloths. Athenians wear cloths all over and they always buy food.

  9. Spartans and Athenians are two different people. Even though they lived in the same country, they would treat each other as if they were always (and will forever be) rivals. The Athenians however were much more peaceful and dichromatic, but there is an exception. They never let the women vote.As Athenians they thought it would be the men to do most things meanwhile the women stay at home and do some chores. On the other hand, Spartans, they weren’t as calm and elegant like the Athenians. Women were allowed to do things like men do but cannot compete in the Olympics. Spartans believed if a women was fit and healthy they could give birth to strong babies. Also Sparta was ruled by two kings who are the king of Gerousia and the assembly.

    They both are truly different ; others might even say opposites.

  10. Eventhough Athens was the largest city in Greece, the Spartans were big,strong killing machines. In battle everyone wanted the Spartans on there team. As for the Athens were smart and loving.

  11. I think the Spartans were more warrior like and Athens were very knowlegable. If a spartan baby was ill they would leave it to die but, in Athens they believed that should’nt happen.

  12. The Athenian, who is as wealthy as a great king but some of the Athenians are not as affluent. the Spartans eyes are as black as a mid night shy. the Spartan eye brows are as bushy as a mouse tail.

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