Our next topic is Road to Rio and the Olympics are coming up very soon!

What did you find out about the Olympics today? What would you like to find out about the Olympics?

What do the 5 Olympic rings represent?


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  1. The four rings represent the four continents: Asia, America, Africa and Europe. However the last ring represents the oceans; the seas and continents come together for the Olympics is what it is trying to say.

    • Fantastic knowledge Sophia- I didn’t know the last ring represented the seas. Does each continent have a specific colour ring?

      • I may need to change my facts to that the background and the five rings actually represent the colours on flags. It includes the white background, red, black, blue,yellow and green. It seams that it is a major problem for mistaking it for the continents and seas.

      • The Greek Olympic games only allowed Greek people to take part. Only men were allowed to compete. They were held as a religious event in honour of the Greek god Zeus. The Greek Olympics only had one winner. The Greek Olympics featured foot races, the pentathlon, chariot and horse race, boxing and wrestling.

  2. The 5 interlaced rings: blue, yellow, black, green and red is symbolic, it represents the 5 inhabited continents of the world, united by olympism, while the 6 colours are those that appear on all the national flags of the world at the present time.

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