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  1. I’m struggling on who to vote,Toni-lee or Christian-lee both of them have spectacular behaviour at school. But ether way I’ll help both of them.

  2. I am not an ambassador but I think Ryan should be the next ambassador because, he is a team worker and also a self manager! Also Jason would be a great ambassador because he tries really hard; If he keeps it up people may vote for him.

  3. I will be a great ambassador because I behave in clubs and I will be a great role model. I am a reflective learner in my writing and a great team worker. That is why I will be a great ambassador.

  4. I am going to vote for Jason because he is everything on the learning wheel he is especially good at being a good team worker.

  5. If I was ambassador I would make the school a better place ; to go in more trips for biology or history.Well it would be difficult to be ambassador because you’ve got a lot of responsibilities but I would try my best.

    • I’m pleased that you realise the value of our Learning Away experiences Jasper – how would you manage the responsibilities of being an ambassador ?

  6. I am going to find it hard to vote because Jason is a great team worker and Ryan is good at being a risk taker.

  7. I am campaigning to be an ambassador because it would be a good opportunity for me and I would really treasure it. If I was given this role, I would listen to your concerns and I would help other people. I will also try to improve our school so that we will have the best environment for everyone. VOTE FOR ME.

  8. I think I will be a good ambassador because I am a good role model and happy to answer any questions. I am a good self manager and organize myself. I will also be a reflective learner and am responsible for any mistakes I may make. Most of all my head will not go down and I will always try my best.

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