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  1. Yes because we have loads of atractions and famous people.
    People should not visit because people through rubbish on the ground and spray paint over peoples propety. People should visit because we have loads of famous authors and artists.

  2. If people stay in the EU they can live in different countries also the can work in different countries.

  3. Yes because We have loads of attractions. We also have famous artists and a famous football team called Notts County.

    • Angel your coment doesn’t make sense.Your sentences should have they, so it would look like this-I think they should because they might have a good view. Also,you could add a litle bit more information plus how are they going to get a good view?

  4. I think they should because in the UK people from Europe might not have what we have.Also,it gives the people that visits a good time;if the europians visit then the UK might get some very good feadback to.

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