Science Fair!

Science Fair!

Today we visited Nottingham University for the science fair!

We learnt lots about different types of science and participated in a wide range of experiments.

Tell me one thing you have learnt today. What experiments did you participate in? Can you remember any names of chemicals and what they do?

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  1. In the olden days people succeeded to make gold and silver, and soon ‘Alchemy’ made its name. The word ‘chem’ from alchemy developed the word used chemistry. You would take coin (or anything) that is copper into a boiling bowl of water and put a metallic powder called ‘zink’. It transforms the colour to a shiny silver. Once its dry take a lighter and it melts the copper colour with the silver to make a gold like colour.

  2. We made slime which was extremely fun. We also watched to scientist make a 2pence coin turn into silver and then a gold 2pence coin by using a chemical called Zinc.

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