Book trailers!

Book trailers!

Today we also discussed our favourite books that have been developed into films and whether they were represented well!

Here is a clip of the BFG film trailer. What do you think?

What is your film that has been developed into a book? Why?


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  1. My favourite book is horrid Henry,Henry,who is naughty,Henry he has a young brother perfect peter.When Henry is being horrid Peter find him and tells himm of.

  2. My favourite book that has been turned into a film is the hobbits. I liked the film because they’ve added some different bits which they didn’t have in the story.

  3. I like The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, because i love watching the movies and seeing if there the same as the books!

  4. I like horrid henry the movie because it shows what kids can be like some times and it tell s you about a horrid boy like in a book.

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