Extreme weather!

Extreme weather!

This week we have been learning about tornadoes… We have¬†researched key information and have tried to find out how they¬†are formed. We watched a clip from the film Twister and then began to write a diary entry from one of the characters perspectives.

Tell me what you have found out about tornadoes so far. How were they formed? What effect do they have?

Can you name any famous tornadoes? Where are they most common?

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  1. Tornadoes were born on the sea,allso the tornadoes can distroy a city in 11 hours. A famous tornado is the comoros tornado. this happened in africa in 1951.

  2. 1989, The Daulatpur-salturia tornado in a matter of minuets it had killed 1,300 people and left 12,000 injured with 80,000 homeless.

  3. Tornadoes are formed in sea and can be dangerous. There is a Tornado called a F5 Tornado and that is certainly dangerous, they will kill you unless you hide in a under ground chamber.

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