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  1. This painting was by the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. It shows the beauty of the night and the colours it holds. It holds the feeling of sadness but at the same time it shows it through the dots of yellow.

    A small swirl here, a dot of yellow here. The colourful painting was soon to be finished. It held many colours and effort, Vincent Van Gogh put it up for sale. Nobody seemed interested at all. People thought it was just swirls and dots but, it was nothing like that to Vincent. It was his showing of his talent however they made fun of it. Nowadays we -us people- know this as art and feel the emotion that is trying to show.

  2. I see a beautiful night sky and a village, there might be a church also. The black, mysteriouse figure stood in the side.

  3. The painting tells you that the night sky glew in front of the black statue, which hovered above the light lit houses.

  4. This paiting was paited by Vinsent Van ghof.He choped his left ear off, and when he died his patings were sold to a lot of people, but when he was alive not a lot off his paitings got sold to any people.

    When he died he was famos but when he was alive he wasernt famos. Evrey one loved his paitings when he died, but when he was alive no boddy liked his paitings.

  5. The painting is by Vintson Van Gogh it looks like its a dark, stormy night where nobody was outside and the streets where deserted.

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