Sword Mystery!

Sword Mystery!

This week we have been looking at the unexpected flood that happened in York during the holidays. We discussed it’s effect on the JORVIK viking centre.

We also discussed this newspaper article that talked about a mystery sword that is now missing! We are writing mystery story based on the article.

Tell me some of your ideas below.

Where is the sword? How was it found? What is mysterious about the sword?

newspaper (2)


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  1. I am really interested in your work Year 5 especially as it is so current and in the news!

    What do you think happened to the sword?

  2. I think the sword will be found by some nine, eleven and twelve year olds who when on a school trip together to Jorvic Viking Centere.

  3. I’m very instated in it to see what caused it to happen. I think that some one stolen it in the middle of the night but I think that if they don’t return the sword it will flood the world.

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