Giving nature a home…

Giving nature a home…

Today we have been exploring the school grounds looking for natural habitats. We used a map and plotted areas around school that contained homes for living things.

What did you find? How do you think these areas will help? Can you think of anything else we could do to give nature a home?

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  1. We can give nature a home by learning more about it in outdoor learning and give them a clean shelter and healthy food. I think everyone deserves a good environment even nature.

  2. My group-Christian-lee and Armarnie- found birds sitting in trees and also other places were bugs and animals could live. In outdoor learning we could build an animals home and keep it there.

    • I am impressed to see you applying your knowledge of punctuation to the blog Aaliyah. Could you tell me why it is important to give nature a home?

  3. We found a log pile, where spiders and creepy crawlies live. We found a mature tree, and woodperkers lived in there. I could make a different kind of home, where lots of creatures could live in.

  4. We could make all the habitats a birds, rabbits, badgers, hedgehogs and more of those we need for the outside animals.

  5. If we give nature a home it will make all animals and ceatures in middle of the night happy and the babys will keep them warm and safe.

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