Viking Life…. What was it like?

Viking Life…. What was it like?

In literacy we are going to be writing a non-chronological report about Viking life!

Today we have used our investigator skills to find out as much as we can about the life of a Viking.

Tell me below what you have found out so far. How has life changed since?

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  1. I have learnt that the viking life have no cures to illness and we have all sorts of cures and there was no technology in those years. I have a lot of facts about the vikings lives.

  2. A Vikings life is much harder than ours. They don’t get educated as much as we do. Most people worked on farms so that they could earn money.They entertained them selves by playing board games and having feasts that lasted for weeks.

  3. Viking life was hard because they had to fight for land and people died doing it.
    Viking life was very hard because they had to live in small houses with big familys.

  4. Viking woman baked their, own food such as bread. They used herbs and spices in their food. Children, who wanted to be just like their fathers, had pretend battles in their own time. Viking men, brutal and strong, had to go hunting for food.

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