Room 13!

Room 13!

Our class reader this half term is Room 13. We have recently discovered that in the book chapter 13 does not exist and the author has left the pages blank!

Why do you think the author has done this? Explain what effect it has on the reader.

How do you think this reflects the story?

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  1. I believe the chapter thirteen in Robert Swindels book is emty because,the number thirteen is a unlucky number and also to creat some tention.

  2. The effect it gives on the reader is frightend because fliss’s dream is coming true and the girl that’s in bed had been bit on her neck.

  3. I think the author has done this so it can entertain the reader, and have emotions like if something bad happens the reader wants to read more.

  4. I think the author has done this because this will make the reader want to know more and carry on reading. It is also called a cliff hanger.

  5. I think the pages were left blank because in the day the room is blank, it has no number on the door. It gives the book mystery and makes me want to read more.

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