Why should we stop littering?

Why should we stop littering?
Tell me why we should stop littering using some of the persuasive writing techniques we have been learning in class.

Look at this picture of litter along the coast!


Use a variety of sentence structures with accurate punctuation.

Try and include some emotive vocabulary.

Can you include a rhetorical question?


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  1. People should stop littering because it causes pollution to our environment. Pollution is dangerous for both humans and animals. Animals could eat it and die. Also humans could breathe in polluted air causing Health problems. Pollution is harmful to our surroundings as it can kill our plants and crops. This makes our world a less greener place and less crops is harmful to our economy.

    • Harvey is right we should stop pollution because it creates a big coat around the world that could stop us from breathing.

  2. People should stop littering because it is damaging the would and it is killing animals in the sea also on land, and we need to save our would because people are wasting litter.

  3. whoever litters is damaging the planet even more, littering can cause erosion and harm to the wildlife also the trees which give us air are being chopped down and at one point we wont be able to breath .

  4. Could you talk to your Eco team members about littering around our community , maybe you could invite our local
    councillors into talk about it ?

  5. We should stop littering because it harms the enviourment and traps animals to kill them. And whoever litters please stop you should not it helps animals so we can get food and if I litterd I would feel bad.

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