Investigating in science

Investigating in science

In science we have been learning about the life cycles of plants and animals.

Can you tell me the difference between the life cycle of a plant and a mammal?

Do you know what the animal is in this picture? Can you tell me something about its life cycle?


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  1. A mammal life cycle is different to a catipillas life cycle because a mammal gives birth to its baby, but a catipilla lays an egg.The catipilla after it is born become a young then finally becomes a adult.

    • You have described the characteristics of birds and mammals well Scarlet. Can you tell me how their life cycles are different?

  2. It’s a caterpillar. In the summer we had caterpillars in our. House. we watched them cocoon and turn into butterflies. This took just over a week. We had to feed them sugared water. Then release them in the garden.

    • Well done Harvey, wonderful that you witnessed the life cycle of a butterfly! Can you tell me how mammals cycles are different?

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