Just arrived back from Whitby and what a wonderful time we have all had! Well done class 5 you have all been great! I hope you have all enjoyed it!

What did you enjoy? What did you learn whilst we were away?



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  1. When we went to Whitby I really have a nice over time . The beds were soft and comfortable and the food was nice delicious. I learnt that the Abbey is really an old church which wasn’t looked after.I enjoyed when we when o the back garden and started drawing the Abbey ,Hostel and the plants.I enjoyed walking round the town in Whitby. The teaches were fantastic and very helpful to everybody. I can’t wait wait to go back again.

    • I am very glad to hear you learnt lots of wonderful things about the Abbey. How is Whitby town different to Nottingham?

      • Whitby is different to Nottingham because Whitby has really small shops and towns have really big shops and in village they have lake and bridge and in towns they don’t have lake and bridge in Nottingham.

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